Where is Lourenço Marques?

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We are pleased to announce that the first major exhibition to be shown in the Tin Shed Gallery will be Rui Filipe Antunes’ Where is Lourenço Marques?, a 3D virtual world representing the former city of Lourenço Marques as described by those who inhabited the city.

The exhibition opening will be accompanied by a panel discussion starting at 6pm on Thursday 29th November, with a full program of speakers:

Rui Filipe Antunes will open with a discussion of the research, that has informed the development of Where is Lourenço Marques?, his talk will be followed by Catarina Valdigem Pereira and Amal Kalaf. Pereira will be looking at the importance of interior house decorations in the enactment of collective memories of belonging amongst Portuguese Muslims of Indian and Mozambican origins, while Kalaf will be presenting her paper on a year and a half of digital images of the Lulu roundabout in Bahrain. For full details see the main talk link: http://www.tin-shed.org/panel-talk-collective-memory-in-society/


Where is Lourenço Marques? - Rui Filipe Antunes 

In the landscape of colonial Portugal, Lourenço Marques was the the proud capital of the province of Mozambique. This work is devoted to those who lived and inhabited that time and place, in a city which since its independence in 1975, became known as Maputo.

Many of those inhabitants left Mozambique for social and political reasons during the process of decolonisation. More than material goods and possessions, the experiences of entire generations were also left behind. Most will never return and for many only a great disenchantment or nostalgia is left. For others, Lourenço Marques evokes memories of a magical space and time.

This work is a representation of the place of Lourenço Marques and a mediation of the memories of those who experienced the city, and who had to rush to abandon it in the three-year period between 1974 and 1976. This memorial takes expression in a mosaic of voices combining multiple forms of representation, a 3D virtual world available at www.lourencomarques.net.



Installation View